Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fort Can Gallery & Studios

Fort Can Gallery was founded in partnership with May Day Studios in July of 2008. Featuring installation art, musical happenings and month long artist residencies, Fort Can was named in tribute to childhood hideouts and military training grounds. The gallery is open Saturdays from 10:00AM to 1:00PM and by appointment: (802) 505-0714.

Fort Can
The Name:

Fort Can is a place. Named in reference to the location of the gallery: between the Trading Post and the railroad tracks, Fort Can stands watch where Montpelier’s Southern Industrial zone gives way to the country side. Outside of residential neighborhoods and downtown restrictions, each artist feels the space allows them to filter the facets of adult life unnecessary for sustained artistic creation.

Similar to tree houses and pillow huts, the studios and gallery serve as a site where the typical rules of professional and adult life are temporarily absolved. Childishly, when Jensen moved into her studio she couldn’t stop yelling: “ I can do anything I want here!” That “Can” became a metaphor for freedom and self-determination.

Despite the discipline and commitment it takes to practice any given art daily, the creative process validates the belief that change is possible and that art may sustain life. Taking an active role in determining the quality of life, Fort Can says: “You CAN do this! We CAN do this! It CAN happen!”

Strengthening and invigorating, Fort Can trains artists working to find a personal relationship to the meaning of artisan

Fort Can Gallery
The Reception:

Brian Zeigler and Tara Jensen
An installation completed by Zeigler and Jensen during a twenty-four hour drawing marathon. Explores time, endurance and the meaning of life. Featuring a Q&A with the artists and DJ John Brinker.
Saturday, August 9th 6-10 PM